Time to Step Up Your Holiday Party Game!

Traditional holiday parties can be very plain events with awkward small talk and classical music playing in the background.

But when you have your holiday party at WhirlyBall, it’s a completely different story! We even have an onsite escape room!

What the heck is WhirlyBall?!? WhirlyBall is an extremely fun “sport” that combines basketball, hockey, lacrosse, and bumper-cars. That’s right, bumper-cars. In WhirlyBall, two teams of up to 5 players (no minimum) use scoops to try to toss a ball through elevated backboards at opposite ends of an enclosed court (roughly the size of a basketball court) while driving specially designed bumper-cars. The WhirlyBugs are driven on a court comprised of metal floor plates that provide power. To score points, players must toss a wiffleball through the goal in the backboard, using a scoop.