I Can Even Teach Some Magic at Your Event!

I offer wonderful, close-up, in-the-hands entertainment at special corporate events. I stroll through your event… sharing fun and engaging magic effects with a business theme.

My name is Brian Richards and my specialty is entertaining at social hours before or during an event! This unique form of entertainment mixes magic, humor and business themes that bring people together and make your event UNFORGETTABLE! The other advantage of this form of entertainment is that if a person is not interested they don’t have to take part…unlike most forms of entertainment strolling magic is subdued only entertaining a few at a time. If it doesn’t appeal to a group I simply become an unofficial host and see how your guests are doing. It adds a level of fun that is hard to find! I have been a professional entertainer for over 25 years and got my start as a magician in a bar in Chicago (the birthplace of bar magic) many years ago. If you have a special event coming up that needs a special touch give me a call/text at (763) 656-3662.