Quality Corporate Entertainment

When your business has an event where you need to impress clients or reward employees, consider a Dream Weaver Comedy Hypnosis Show. Proven entertainer Randy Buker can provide references and video samples of the quality entertainment you deserve.

Dream Weaver Comedy Hypnotist, Randy Buker, is one of only a few full time hypnotic entertainers in the entire upper Midwest. He has risen to this level by providing a reliable source of quality entertainment to organizations just like yours.

A Dream Weaver Comedy Hypnosis Show is an audience participation show. This hilarious experience makes memories that will last forever and keep people talking about it for months. Imagine seeing friends and co-workers believe they are driving a sports car or that paper napkins are $100 bills. They will turn into ballet dancers, martians and even believe balloons are a favorite pet. Always safe and respectful, no one ever leaves the stage feeling like they were made fun of or like they embarrassed themselves.

Give Randy a call to see how you can benefit from a show.

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