Can your presentation be turned into a tool that will give you an unfair advantage over your competition? So unfair that you will be getting irate calls from your competition begging to know the secret? The answer is YES, and Positioning Yourself As UNFORGETTABLE is the secret!

My name is Brian Richards and I am owner of 4 Ace Productions an entertainment service company. In addition to top notch entertainment services, I also offer a unique training workshop called “Positioning Yourself As UNFORGETTABLE!”, a workshop that will teach you about imprint techniques and how they can make you and your sales presentation UNFORGETTABLE!!

The hard work is done…you have a presentation. Now just add these clever imprint techniques at the beginning and end of your presentation and you’ll hold your prospective client

* Incorporate the clients’ objectives in an entertaining and interactive demonstration.
* Make the presentation more FUN for them and the job more FUN for you!
* Make your business card pack a wallop! Connect in a way that will never be forgotten!

The 9 biggest presentation mistakes and how to avoid them….
Mistake # 6 – Boring, Boring, Boring…many professionals do not realize just how boring their presentations are – Be creative, in today’s competitive market your presentations must be entertaining! – Home Business Magazine, Terri L. Sjodin