Listen to one of Minnesota’s best event jazz bands. Old School. New Verve. Court’s In Session infuses the jazz of yesteryear with a freshness steeped in dexterous devotion.

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Beguiling us with intimate and winding improvisation from a bygone era, Court’s in Session truly tips the scales of Jazz. Great Jazz has always been that way. Under-girded with a syncopated meter that predates its players, jazz lives for today. Musicians stand on the shoulders of those who went before, improvising in intimate gatherings where audiences are as much a part of the music as the band.

Sinuously chromatic harmonies take us to distant times and places. Then, pulling us back to the here and now, old school cadences coalesce with rhythms that sing your socks off. Aficionados and non-toe-tapping listeners, alike, think they can dance. Should dance. Must. Dance. That’s Court’s in Session.