Want a FUN activity to keep your kids busy? I have just the thing…a FREE magic lesson! In addition to delightful entertainment programs with a business emphasis, I also have some wonderful resources for kids…CHECK THIS OUT!

All you need is a deck of cards and the MAGIC POWER Magic lesson will do the rest! This fun and engaging activity is a workshop with professional magician Brian Richards. You may have seen Brian at your local library, the Taste of Minnesota, Minnesota Zoo or even at the Mall of America.

In this very unique workshop, your child will learn many different card tricks. What makes this ideal for you are the props needed for the lessons. All your child needs for this activity is a deck of playing cards. With this one prop your child will be set to explore the wonderful world of magic.

Magic is more than just a fun hobby, magic is also a wonderful tool that helps build character in children. Some of the special benefits of this activity are:

Increases Digital Dexterity!
Encourages Creativity!
Expands Imagination!
A fun quiet time activity!
Brings out the “shy child”!
Strengthens social skills!
Builds self-confidence!
Promotes self-discipline!
Develops problem solving Abilities!