NORTH SHORE ADVENTURE PARK | Kids and Adults Benefit from Outdoor Play

Mar 9, 2021

Kids and Adults Benefit from Outdoor Play

Even before Covid-19, children and adults spent eight or more hours per day in front of electronic media. And it is coming at the expense of being outdoors.

Playing outside has significant health benefits for both kids and adults. It reduces stress and anxiety, increases physical, emotional, and cognitive health, and so much more. In today’s world, people are benefitting from planning and participating in healthy, outdoor activities.

The North Shore Adventure Park’s mission is to create opportunities and share the joy and benefits of outdoor play. At our 3-acre climbing park in Silver Bay, MN we offer fun, challenging, and healthy activities for all ages and abilities.

Adults and Kids 7 and up can climb the high ropes courses and ziplines. There are  6 treetop aerial ropes courses with 5 levels of difficulty, allowing individuals to climb at their own pace. Start easy and build your way up to more difficult challenges. Along the way, encounter up to 10 ziplines as part of the course. Race your friends on our Dual Racing Zipline!

Kids 3 – 6 enjoy the Lil’ Rascals Playground. It has easy obstacles that are low to the ground and a sit-down zipline! Help your li’l rascal through the course and watch them build confidence as they navigate the obstacles. More activities for little kids are coming soon!

Spending time and having shared experiences with family, friends, and groups is a big part of staying healthy. That’s why the Adventure Park is the perfect destination to bond and create memories. The whole family can participate because – not only is it fun to play, but it’s just as fun to watch! Cheer the climbers on from the ground as they conquer the aerial obstacles.

While you’re at the North Shore Adventure Park, plan to explore the North Shore! There are dozens of hiking trails, scenic views, historical sites, Lake Superior beaches, and so much more to explore.