Explore the Waterfalls of the North Shore

Apr 29, 2021

With spring finally here, renew your spirit of adventure on Minnesota’s North Shore of Lake Superior. An awesome way to do that is by hiking around the 15+ rivers and waterfalls rumbling through the forest into Lake Superior. In the spring, snowmelt fills the rivers for a dramatic show that you won’t want to miss!

NorthShoreExplorerMN.com’s Guide to North Shore Rivers and Waterfalls is in the link below. See pictures, descriptions, and videos for the 15 featured North Shore Waterfalls. Find out which is the most popular, which is the fiercest, which is the tallest, and which ones you want to visit.

Explore your spirit of adventure on NorthShoreExplorerMN.com, and request a 56-page North Shore Explorer guide.