SCHUBERT CLUB | Learn about Instruments from Congo with Schubert Club and Siama Matuzungidi

May 11, 2021

Premiering Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 10:30am • Visit the Schubert Club Music Museum with Siama Matuzungidi to learn about the Balafon & Mbira

Join Siama Matuzungidi, originally from the Western region of Democratic Republic of Congo, as he shares two instruments from his African heritage – the Balafon which is used to communicate important messages in the villages and the Mbira also known as the thumb piano. And just like Siama did while he was growing up, you are invited to use simple found sounds from around the house as shakers to play along with the music.

Learn about musical instruments from around the world at the newly renovated Schubert Club Music Museum! Opening June 10, 2021; Always FREE Admission!

Museum Minis are free, virtual 15 minute interactive sessions for all ages to experience musical performances and learn about the people, cultures, and sounds behind the instruments in the Schubert Club Music Museum. Local talented, knowledgeable, and diverse musicians will perform and share fascinating information about these instruments, how they make their sound, and the cultures from which they originated.