Feb 24, 2022

With nearly 10 miles of biking trails throughout Giants Ridge, the intense hills of the Redhead MTB Park with over 33 miles of trail and a total descent of 945ft, and the Mesabi Trail with 145 miles of paved trails with lodging and campgrounds along the way, the Iron Range is every biker’s paradise!

The Redhead MTB Park, a former iron mining pit, is rich with history as well as challenging trails. Steep red cliff faces and strikingly blue waters make this not only a world class MTB park but a natural beauty and a feast for the eyes.

Giants Ridge holds nearly 10 miles of biking trails with biking camps for kids, a professional and knowledgeable staff, and women specific mountain biking clinics. Not to mention the food at their resort restaurant, The Burnt Onion, that will have you and your family eating in style after a long day of tearing it up at the trails!

And of course, the Mesabi Trail! To truly enjoy the Iron Range you should really spend some time with it. The Mesabi Trail winds from the Mississippi to the Boundary Waters, through dense forests, by the vast red pits of old iron ore mines now flooded with pristine waters, and you are sure to see some wildlife on your travels as well!
And make sure to bring your camping equipment, as there are numerous campgrounds for you to stay at during your ride throughout the trail as well as lodging. Passing through 28 different communities you would also have access to local cuisine as well as a wide range of special events throughout the Iron Range. Bring your bug spray, a good camera and some bottled water and ride into an adventure of a lifetime.