VISIT OWATONNA | Ready to go off trail?

Oct 27, 2022

Whether you’re interested in biking, hiking, trail running or just taking a scenic walk, Kaplan’s Woods and Parkway located in Owatonna, Minnesota is the place. Kaplan’s Woods offers free admission and parking, well marked trail maps, and nearly 7 miles of trails.

These trails range from easy to intermediate, and include hills, dirt terrain, and heavily wooded landscape. The trail begins at a beginner level and is adjacent to Lake Kohlmeier, so families will find it easy and fun- with the ability to do some swimming, fishing or playground running after the trails. Mountain and fat tire bikes are welcome, and the trails also provide great training ground for runners. Kaplan’s Woods connects with Kaplan’s Woods Parkway- a 1.5 mile paved trail that is handicapped accessible. This Parkway, when continuing north, connects to Morehouse Park, where more public parking and restrooms are available. Along the paved Parkway are off-terrain trails marked with trail maps for more of an adventure, along with periodic benches and a slightly hidden dock into the Straight River. Great for all levels and ages.