Jan 12, 2023

Please don’t eat the exhibits. Yes, it’s real. The SPAM Museum is full of interactive exhibits that bring the iconic history of SPAM Brand to life like you’ve never seen it before! The tour is FREE.

Go behind the scenes and behind the can for an experience adults and kids will savor. See what’s trending in our pork-filled world; email yourself delicious recipes; and explore the SPAM brand across the globe. Find out what 6 simple ingredients make SPAM classic, and then ‘work’ the assembly line. Learn the history of Hormel Foods Corporation from its inception. Hormel Foods is more than just SPAM Brand. Take a break from all things SPAM to learn about other initiatives at Hormel Foods.
Following your tour, you can check out the Shop of SPAM that is connected to the museum.
RV parking is available behind the museum, wheelchairs are available, Free Guided Tours, and tons of restaurants around town serving SPAM.
Museum is open Tuesday – Sunday during January and February. Visit their website to find out details.