4 ACE PRODUCTIONS | Magical FUN for corporations…

May 11, 2023

Brian Richards offers stage shows, Master of Ceremony services, and strolling magic at social hours before the BIG event! Theme customization is the key to SUCCESS in picking your entertainment!


For over 25 years, Brian Richards has shared a unique form of entertainment that is interactive, intimate and has incredible IMPACT. “Business Magic” features magical effects mixed with a fun business perspective. Interactive fun that relates to key business concepts like synergy, out of the box thinking, teamwork, leadership, influence, innovation to name a few…making this form of entertainment one of a kind.

This type of entertainment is perfect for events related to employee recognition, client appreciation, or special events for prospective customers. Brian goes from table to table sharing a small intimate show that breaks down barriers between people while bringing them together in a way that is unobtainable with other forms of entertainment!

The message can be customized specifically to your company and Brian will work hard with your team to integrate your focus! This is a perfect answer to social hours, cocktail parties, hospitality suites, holiday events, award banquets, product reveals and special dinner events! This specialized form of entertainment is perfect before or after the “main event”. For the main event, Brian offers stand-up entertainment programs as well as Master of Ceremony services!