ORBIT EARTH EXPO | Interactive Astronomy for All Ages

May 14, 2024

Are you looking to incorporate science into your next event? People of all ages have a better understanding of the patterns of our world, including seasons, moon phases, tides, and eclipses, after experiencing Orbit Earth Expo. We come to you!

The Orbit Earth Expo program is an awe-inspiring educational experience that takes participants on a captivating journey through the cosmos. This program brings the wonders of space exploration into the school or community center gymnasium, creating a unique and immersive learning environment.

At the heart of the Orbit Earth Expo is a set of meticulously crafted inflatable models – a 14-foot earth, a 3.5-foot moon, and a 5-foot sun. These models are set up within a darkened gym, with a spotlight representing the sun. This setup allows participants to interact with and manipulate the models, gaining a hands-on understanding of complex astronomical concepts.

Participants help rotate the earth model to understand why we have night, day, and time zones. When the moon model is put into orbit around the earth model, they experience solar and lunar eclipses. As the moon model orbits the audience, participants see the moon’s phases created by the sun’s light. Additional demonstrations include the creation of tides and determining the rate at which the moon rotates as it revolves around the earth. Smaller models of the planets are used to discuss the order of the planets and the duration of their orbits around the sun.

Orbit Earth Expo is an excellent program for intergenerational audiences. Participants of all ages walk away with a better understanding of the relationships between the earth, the moon, and the sun.