If you are an event supplier, you can have your own listing in the LetsDoMN EVENT PLANNING DIRECTORY by filling out this form.

You can participate in the DIRECTORY in one of 3 ways.
This form is designed to accommodate your information for your selection of listing type – so choose and proceed to complete this form. If you want to also participate in our unique email marketing program, please contact our office at 612-518-8353 or [email protected].

You get one Basic Listing for your business name, city and appropriate filters in the Directory. Your Basic Listing is FREE.
You can get an expandable listing containing your contact information, filters, multiple links, and our innovative REQUEST FOR INFORMATION that can connect the planner directly with you. For an example of #2, see the AIRMAXX TRAMPOLINE PARK Expanded Listing in the Directory. The Expanded Listing has an annual fee of $295.
You get all of #2, plus your own Listing Banner Ad, and full LetsDoMN website participation (includes the Brochure Rack, Special Offers and the Group Events Calendar). Please contact our office for a full description.  For an example of #3, see the TROUPE AMERICA Expanded Listing in the Directory.  This listing plus the Listing Banner Ad has an annual fee of $695.

If you are purchasing MULTIPLE expanded listings you will need to complete one of these forms for each Expanded Listing.

For any questions you may have about content or pricing, contact your LDM representative or our office at 612-518-8353 or [email protected].


The LDM Directory is free for event planners to use and is password-free. This includes corporate staff, independent planners, and organizations looking for venues, event services, event activities and special offers in 6 MN regions. With your Expanded Listing & Listing Banner Ad, your information informs and links event planners to you when they are looking.

The LDM Directory is a B2B marketing tool that is effectively designed to make your information quickly and easily accessible for planners’ specific needs, or  new ideas. The single-source LDM Directory reduces the need to explore multiple sources.

We actively promote the Directory to event planners.
We promote through targeted B2B email marketing, social media (FB & LinkedIn), participation in professional associations and traditional advertising that effectively brings planners to discover and use this unique directory. In 2018 the website enjoyed 25,000 pageviews. In 2019 the LDM pageview count rose to more than 66,000 unique planner visits.


Event Planning Directory Listing Form

Use this form to update information and/or submit a new image or file for MNFieldTripLibrary or LetsDoMN.


    This PARTNER INFORMATION is for our office use. Also, are you purchasing MULTIPLE expanded listings? Please complete a new LISTING FORM for each Expanded Listing.
  • For our office use.
  • This company address is for our office use only.
  • This person is our primary contact for your organization.
  • The best phone number for us to use to reach your contact person.
  • The best email to use to reach your contact person.
  • Do your customers come to your location, or do you go to their locations or event sites?
  • See the REGION MAP on the Directory Webpage. Regions are used to help identify the physical location of your business. Indicate the ONE region in MN where your venue is located (we use counties for boundaries). Your physical address and the Google Map link will show the map location of your business in your Expanded Listing. "Serving all MN regions" is reserved for performers.
  • 2. SELECT A LISTING TYPE - Basic or Expanded

    There are 2 types of listings - BASIC or EXPANDED. You choose one of them.

    This listing is free-of-charge for a year. If you choose the Basic Listing, tell us your business name, city, and complete the filters.
  • Name of the city where your venue is located.

    The Expanded Listing is online for a year and includes filters, region, contact information, links, and the Confidential Request for Information. Simply complete the following fields.
  • This is the company name which will appear in your Expanded Listing.
  • This will appear in a pop-up window when your "about" button is clicked in your Expanded Listing. You can have up to 65 words.
  • This address will be displayed in your Expanded Listing. If you are an entertainer, speaker, performer, etc, we suggest you leave these address fields empty - unless you want people showing up at your house.
  • This will be displayed as the primary contact phone number in your expanded listing.
  • This email address will be linked and ready to use in your Expanded Listing.
  • The landing page URL of your website will be linked to the VIEW WEBSITE button in your Expanded Listing.
  • Provide your Facebook URL and we'll link it in your Expanded Listing.
  • Provide your Instagram URL and we'll link it in your Expanded Listing.
  • Provide your Twitter URL and we'll link it in your Expanded Listing.
  • Provide your LINKEDIN URL and we'll link it in your Expanded Listing.
  • Provide the Google Map URL of your venue location and we'll link it in your Expanded Listing. If you do not have a physical location, leave this field empty (unless you want clients coming to your house).

    Filters are used to assist event planners in finding you and are for suppliers only. Check only the venues, services or activities that you directly provide. DO NOT CHECK a filter if you don't provide that service.
  • Select the type(s) that best describe the type of event planner you are.
  • Indicate the maximum guest capacity for your venue.
  • Select the following filters which best describe your event venue.
  • Select the filter(s) which best describe your event service(s). Only include if you provide it - do not include subcontracted services.
  • Select the filter(s) which best describe the event activity(s) you provide.
  • Indicate which Special Offers category(s) apply to you. These could be for groups or employees.

    PAYMENT: Once you have completed & submitted the DIRECTORY LISTING FORM, you will be invoiced. When your payment has been made by credit card or check, your EXPANDED LISTING will be activated, and you will be notified.
    For information about being a Website Partner or a Full LDM Partner, please contact your LDM representative.
  • We at LetsDoMN - and Minnesota's many event planners - appreciate your participation.

    If you have questions for us, or would like more information about how LetsDoMN can work for you contact your LDM representative.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.