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LetsDoMN Healthy Adventures is now a free resource for planning outdoor & indoor activities & travel in Minnesota – for all seasons! 3 established and popular MN businesses have joined together to offer free resources for planning MN activities & adventures…

  1. LetsDoMN
    Your source for attractions, destination, events and activities – whether they are educational, recreational, or both!
    Find area attractions and destinations in the LetsDoMN Adventure Directory as you get started..
  2. MN Field Trip & Activity Library
    For 10 years have been planning youth or adult group activities using us? Here you’ll find specific MN’s best field trips, daytrips, school assemblies & presenters (online/in-person), and group travel itineraries & destinations for bus tours. Preferred by groups, clubs, families and friends.
  3. Have Fun Biking
    With a 15-year history of MN bike & hike tourism, Have Fun Biking is the premier source for fun places to explore by bicycle or on foot. Offering guides, downloadable maps and articles on road and trail riding for the novice to seasoned cyclist – helping you find your #NextBikeAdventure.

WHAT’S YOUR ADVENTURE?  Each are uniquely valuable when you’re looking for ideas and planning your adventures!


In both print and online… Download digital maps and itineraries!


  1.  www.HaveFunBiking.com – Download MN Community Trail Maps for Biking & Hiking and read the daily blog.
  2.  www.LetsDoMN.com – Find your adventure in the Adventure Directory and download digital visitor guides.
  3.  www.MNFieldTripLibrary.org – Discover MN field trip ideas and sample group travel itineraries


Unique emails sent once a month with enjoyable articles, opportunities & specials!

  1. FIELD TRIPS – for youth recreation
  2. STUDENT EXPERIENCES – for educators and schools
  3. ACTIVE BOOMERS – for active adults & seniors
  4. GROUP TRAVEL – inviting tour planners & travel  clubs from MN, the region and nation to have their group tour adventure in Minnesota!
  5. FUNDRAISING – with unique ways for your group or organization to raise money for your needs
  6. LETSDOMN HEALTHY ADVENTURES -MN destinations, attractions and events for families, friends, clubs and individuals
  7. HAVE FUN BIKING – fun places to explore by bicycle or on foot

Tell us which one(s) you want to receive… there’s no obligation and we NEVER sell emails!

We, and our many MN Partners, thank you for using our combined resources.


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