Partner Form – Let’s Get Started

Getting started as a Partner? There are 2 forms for you to complete and submit…

  1. Partner Form – Let’s Get Started – You’re here now… this is for your basic information & URLs for links.
  2. Images & Updates Form – Use this form for graphics: your logo, photos, cover images, maps and ads (i.e., for guides, directory banner ads & website ads, etc).  After your information has been published, use this same IMAGES & UPDATES FORM to update files & information. This includes submitting new trail maps, skiing and golf course maps, and sample itineraries.

Find the links for both of these forms are found in the BACK OFFICE at the bottom of every webpage.

We will be use your information to securely set your business account up with us, in our 3 websites (Partner Landing Pages and the LDM Adventure Directory) and for promotions in the Guides and emails (depending on what campaigns or services you have chosen)

  • – For consumer travel and adventures in MN
  • – For youth/adult group educational and recreation from field trips to school assemblies to leisure group travel.
  • – For individuals & families to groups & clubs who actively bike, hike, ski and go on healthy adventures.

To submit your materials for an email Alert, use the ALERT SUBMISSION FORM.

With our guides, websites and email marketing, we’re on track to have more than 1,000,000 views, reads, opens and clicks in 2021! Welcome aboard!

Partner Form - Let's Get Started

Use this form to provide us with the information we need to publish & promote your business in the websites

    The information you provide to us via this online form will be used in all 3 websites. * means that you must complete a field.
  • The best phone number to reach the contact person.
  • Your best email address to reach the contact person.

  • Indicate here the region(s) where your business is physically located. To determine your region, use the MN REGION MAP on the LetsDoMN Adventure Directory webpage. If you do not have a physical location of your own, go to events or are a performer, check "Serving All Regions"
  • Describe your attraction, destination, venue, services and/or products. Up to 250 words for self-promotion. This wil be displayed in your Partner Landing Page and the LDM Directory.
  • Your primary phone number for customers to use.
  • Your primary email address for customers to use.
  • Your primary website address for customers to use.
  • Provide the Google Maps URL of your physical business location. If you do not have a physical location, leave this field empty (unless you want clients coming to your home).
  • Provide us with the URL of your digital Visitor Guide or best company brochure to be located on your Partner Landing Page. Remember to also upload a cover image of your Visitor Guide in the IMAGES & UPDATES Form.
  • Do you offer online classes, programs or entertainment? Provide the URL your website landing page where a reader can learn more about your online classes, etc.

    Planners use these to search for adventures and activities, communities, restaurants, hotels, local businesses, travel support services and more! Indicate the venues, services or activities that you directly provide.
  • These are MN communities with attractions & businesses who want to be found when someone is planning a trip or adventure. Indicate your community. Also, if you are a CVB or Chamber, check both your community and "List All CVBs/Chambers". If your community is not displayed, please contact LetsDoMN offices.
  • These are the type of activity(s) your business offers. EXTRA: If you want field trips check FIELD TRIPS. If you want groups or bus tours, check both TOURS, and GROUP ADVENTURES. If you want corporate groups, check TEAM BUILDING. If you offer classes or assemblies, check CLASSES. If you don't see your type of business here, check a different category.
  • This filter is for restaurants and dining of all types.
  • This filter is for overnight accommodations of all types.
  • Select the filter(s) which best describe the support your business provides. If you are a chamber and/or a CVB, check that field.
  • Select which MENUS (in the blue MFTL menu bar) you wish to be displayed in.

    There are 3 types of LDM Directory Listings. Tell us which one of these 3 you want to do. Your choice will show in the LDM Adventure Directory for a year.
  • If you select the Expanded Listing with the Banner Ad, upload your Directory Banner Ad using the IMAGES & UPDATES FORM link in the BACK OFFICE.

    After you SUBMIT this form, go to the IMAGES & UPDATES FORM to attach your logo, photos and/or your Directory Banner Ad in this form. Then we'll get to work getting you published. Find the link in the BACK OFFICE at the bottom of every webpage. If you have questions for us, please call LetsDoMN at 612-518-8353.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.