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Getting Started As A Partner

There are 2 forms for you to use to provide us your information.

  1. Partner Form #1 – Let’s Get Started – You’re here now… use this to tell us your basic information, URLs for links, etc.
  2. Images & Updates Form – Use this form to upload your logo, photos, cover images, maps & ads for guides, website ads, etc).
    Also, please use this same IMAGES & UPDATES FORM to update files & information you want to send to us. This includes submitting different photos, logos, graphics, sample itineraries, etc.

You will find the links for both of these forms in the BACK OFFICE at the bottom of every webpage.

We will be use your information to securely set your business account up with us, in our websites (Partner Landing Pages and the LetsDoMN Directory) and in the Guides and emails (depending on what Partner Program or services we have developed with you)

Partner Form - Let's Get Started

Use this form to provide us with the information we need to publish & promote your business in the websites

"*" indicates required fields


The information you provide to us in this form will be securely used in your Partner Program (we manually upload it). Even if you are a current Partner, please complete this form once a year for corrections or updates. * means that you must complete a field.
Your best email address to reach the contact person.
The best phone number to reach the contact person.


Look at the menus on the MFTL website. Then select the MENU categories that best fit your services & offerings.
Indicate here the general region(s) where your business is physically located. If you do not have a physical location, or perform at schools or events, check "Serving All Regions". These selections are formatted from left to right.
Briefly describe your field trips, camps, venue, attraction, destination, services and/or products. You may want to list a sampling of courses, programs or optional activities (with the age groups served). Up to 500 words. This wil be displayed on your Partner Webpage.
Your primary email address for customers to use.
Your primary phone number for customers to use.
Your primary website address for customers to use.
Provide the Google Maps URL of your physical business location(s). NOTE: If you do not have a physical location customers come to, leave this field empty (unless you want clients coming to your home).


After you SUBMIT this form, use the IMAGES & UPDATES FORM to send us your logo, photos and/or your ad(s) for the Guides, websites, blogs, etc. Then we'll get to work getting you published. Find the link for the IMAGES & UPDATES FORM in the BACK OFFICE at the bottom of every webpage. If you have questions for us, please call 612-518-8353.
If you have add'l SM platforms, name them here and provide your URL.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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