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Use this form to submit your Partner Ad contents for our 5 monthly co-op email Alerts, or if you are doing an Exclusive Alert. You’ll always find the link to this form in the Partner Back Office on both websites.

For questions, contact:

Doug Lyon • [email protected] • 312-771-5355
Mark Peterson • [email protected] • 612-518-8353
Jennifer Zacks • [email protected] • 612-387-0656

Don’t miss this opportunity to promote yourself to Educators, Group Leaders & Event Planners!

Create your Partner Ads (formerly called Alert Announcements) to promote a field trip, assembly, tour destination, venue, program or performance! You can publish one Partner Ad per Alert type each month depending on your Partner Program (see your invoice to clarify how many you can send out per month). Be specific and stay fresh with each Partner Ad (new headline, new photo, new copy). Partner Ads can be promotions for new or special programs, an interesting backstory, an upcoming event, information about upcoming productions or exhibits, special pricing alerts, or unique packages you are offering. Remember: Sell the EXPERIENCE, not the price. After the email Alert is sent, your information is then posted on the homepage of the appropriate website. Partner Ads will be displayed until the next Alert is published, and they are always archived in each of the respective website blogs.

Our “Co-op Emails” spark special interest with Educators & Planners… they often keep our emails & re-visit them – again & again! Don’t be surprised. No one revisits like Group Planners.

Our co-op Alerts are treated much differently than “regular” marketing emails by planners in EVERY group market we work with. We have taken DIRECT SALES into the digital world via our Alerts, email marketing and social media.

When marketing to group planners and leaders, opens and clicks are interpreted much differently than in the usual consumer analytics. The context is much more personal and about influencing an individual decision-maker than throwing spaghetti up on a wall hoping a little will stick. Since group marketing and sales are relationship-based, “scrolling opens” tell us that planners are reading the 15-20 announcements in each Co-op Alert. The planners scroll through the announcements (your placement in the Co-op Alerts is not important – they’re look over all the announcements for new ideas), frequently saving and returning to an Alert to review the announcements and to click ones that interest them… often we find 50-100 additional opens a week after the Co-op Alert was sent out. We’ve even seen an uptick in readership from 1-3 months AFTER they rec’d the Alert. If they don’t click your announcement, it doesn’t mean you failed. It could be timing, age, message content or writing (these you CAN control) or maybe they had to leave for a meeting. Sometimes we won’t see planners for a month or more… they come back when they choose to.

USE VIDEO! We suggest using a video in your Partner Ad, too. Videos are growing in popularity with Planners, especially if entertaining. Use them if you can… videos produced by cell phones are usually high enough in quality to use. Best Practice: Upload your video to Youtube or Vimeo and link from there. We cannot embed a video in your announcement… it must be available via a link.


The CO-OP ALERTS are 5 unique emails – one for each of the 5 Group Markets we serve and each containing 15-20 Partner Ads. They are sent to a grand total of more than 45,000+ subscribers every month! Each Co-op Alert is designed to reach individual planners in each specific group market and is emailed once each month. Each Alert has its own set of subscribers. Occasionally during the year, the Alert schedule will be altered due to holidays or events.


FUNDRAISING Alerts will provide you the opportunity to have a Partner Ad where you can offer unique fundraising programs and services to specific organization decision-makers who purchase fundraising (i.e., PTA/PTO, booster clubs, sports teams, youth organizations, non-profit organizations, etc). One FR Alert will be sent out every month, and the FR Alert will be part of the Unlimited Monthly Rotation for Partners. We already have more than 6,000 subscribers… specifically for fundraising.

Currently the subscriber counts in each of the following group markets is as follows:

  1. Field Trip & Activities (youth recreation)16,400 subscribers
  2. Active Boomers (active adults & seniors)5,000 subscribers
  3. LetsDoMN Event Planning Resources (for event and activity planners and special offers)6,400 subscribers
  4. Student Experiences (schools, educators, homeschool co-ops)14,500 subscribers
  5. MN Group Travel & Tours (tour operators/planners/bank & travel clubs, group leaders)5,700 subscribers


With Unlimited Monthly Rotation… Partners can reach 5 Unique Group Markets during the Program Year!
During your Partner year, you can use our unique Unlimited Monthly Rotation to make your announcements to the same or a different audience each month. Depending on the number of announcements you have contracted (1-5 per month), you can publish your announcements in any of the 5 Alert Categories per month. It’s your choice every month. YOU determine how to use this unique targeting opportunity with Unlimited Monthly Rotation of your announcements.
Suggestion: Look over announcements in Alerts for ideas for your own announcements.)

***NEW – “SAVE & CONTINUE LATER”  Feature is now available!

  • Next to the “Submit” button at the bottom of this form you will find the link to “SAVE & CONTINUE LATER“.
  • Once clicked, scroll down towards the bottom of the page to blue box.
  • Copy the link provided to continue writing your announcement at another time.
  • You can add an email address (to receive the link to continue later) in your inbox.
  • The link is valid for 30 days after submitting “Save & Continue.”    NOTE: attached images are not saved using this feature.

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Doug Lyon • [email protected] • 312-771-5355
Mark Peterson • [email protected] • 612-518-8353
Jennifer Zacks • [email protected] • 612-387-0656

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