Don’t wait for Planners to find you. Reach out every month using our email Alerts!

Instead of waiting for educators, group leaders, travel planners, families and consumers to find you, reach out to them first! Our method is to respectfully “tap them on the shoulder”, not flood them with emails multiple times a day or week. This email marketing approach works! 65,000 loyal subscribers currently get our co-op emails every month. 

Use this form to submit your announcement materials for each of our 7 monthly email Alerts. Each Alert announcement requires a separate submission form. You’ll always find the link to this ALERT SUBMISSION FORM in the Back Office at the bottom of every webpage. 

For questions, contact:

Jennifer Zacks • • 612-387-0656



Each month we send your announcements via email to 7 unique groups of qualified group planners!


 The email ALERTS are 7 unique co-op emails – each with up to 20 announcements & ads – sent to our proprietary lists of subscribers in our 7 group and consumer markets. Each Alert has its own list made up of planners primarily from throughout Minnesota (except for group travel market, which reaches MN’s regional neighbors, and nationally).



Social Media comes with each monthly email, too. . .



  • New content and photo with every submission (a new program, attraction, special offer, etc). Avoid the yawns.
  • Sell your EXPERIENCE, not price.
  • Announce early & avoid the last minute “rush to promote”.
  • Give planners the time they need to plan their adventures for groups (like schools) or consumers (like families).
  • The READ MORE button is your friend. Your announcement will be linked to a landing page on your website that you designate.
  • Plan your timing to seasonally promote healthy adventures, field trips, learning experiences, tours, programs or fundraising!
  • Photos: include engaged, smiling people.
  • Use VIDEO. We even offer a button for a video link (YouTube or Vimeo).
What is Unlimited Monthly Rotation?

With Unlimited Monthly Rotation… Partners can reach up to 7 Group and Consumer Markets during the Year!
As a Partner, you can use our unique Unlimited Monthly Rotation to make your announcements to the same or a different audience(s) each month. It’s your choice every month. You determine how to use this unique targeting opportunity with Unlimited Monthly Rotation of your announcements.



  • Next to the “Submit” button at the bottom of this form you will find the link to “SAVE & CONTINUE LATER“.
  • Once clicked, scroll down towards the bottom of the page to blue box.
  • Copy the link provided to continue writing your announcement at another time.
  • You can add an email address (to receive the link to continue later) in your email inbox.
  • The link is valid for 30 days after submitting “Save & Continue.”    NOTE: attached images are not saved using this feature.

You will receive a green confirmation notice towards the bottom of the page.

Fields marked with an * are required.

INDICATE WHICH ALERT YOU WANT from the dropdown menu below. You will see a description of that alert, when materials are due, and the publish date. Use this ALERT SUBMISSION FORM once for each Alert Announcement you want to send out.



After you click SUBMIT…

If you click submit and do not receive the following screenshot, we have not received your Alert Submission Form.

Check the form for fields that are not correctly filled out (and required), errors, or possibly you are trying to send the wrong image type (.jpeg file only).

If you did everything correctly & this still happens, please contact us:

Jennifer Zacks • • 612-387-0656

Thank you!

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