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Alert Submission Form

Use this form to submit your Alert Announcements for both LetsDoMN and MN Field Trip & Activity Library monthly email Alerts. You’ll always find this form in the Partner Back Office on both websites.

For questions, contact:
Jennifer Zacks • • 612-387-0656
Shira Levenson Mayket • • 612-214-2197
Doug Lyon • • 312-771-5355
Mark Peterson • • 612-518-8353


The ALERTS are 5 Different Co-op Emails – one for each of the 5 Group Markets we serve – reaching a grand total of 45,000+ subscribers every month!

The 5 Types and Delivery Times
*Each Alert is designed to reach group planners in its particular market, and is sent out once per month. Each Alert has its own set of subscribers.
Occasionally during the year the Alert schedule will be altered due to holidays or events. See the ALERT SCHEDULE that follows for the exact dates.
*ALL Alert Submissions are due by Wednesday in the week prior to each send date.

Field Trip & Activities (youth recreation) – 16,000 subscribers as of March 2018 • 1st Tuesday of the month
Active Boomers Concierge (active adults & seniors) – 4,800 subscribers as of March 2018 • 2nd Tuesday of the month
LetsDoMN Corporate Resources (meeting planners and HR staff/employee clubs) – 6,000 subscribers as of March 2018 •  2nd Thursday of the month (sometimes varies, see schedule below for exact dates)
Student Experiences (schools, educators, homeschool) – 14,000 subscribers as of March 2018  •  3rd Tuesday of the month
MN Group Travel & Tours (tour operators/planners/clubs, group leaders) – 5,400 subscribers as of March 2018  •  4th Tuesday of the month
You can download the 2018 Alerts Calendar as a PDF HERE or see it below.

Each ALERT has two sections: ANNOUNCEMENTS & NEWS
Don’t miss this opportunity to promote yourself!
Use the Alert Announcements – along with an ENGAGING photo – to promote your destination, venue, a particular program or a performance!
You can publish one announcement per Alert type each month. Be specific and stay fresh with each announcement (new photo, new copy). Announcements can be promotions for new or special programs, an interesting backstory, an upcoming event, information about upcoming productions or exhibits, special pricing alerts, or unique packages you are offering. After the email Alert is sent, your information is also published as a Homepage Alert Post on the homepage of the appropriate website (LetsDoMN displays the corporate-related announcements; and the MN Field Trip Website displays the 4 other Alert types.) 
Alert announcements will be displayed until the next Alert is published, and they are always archived in each of the respective website blogs.

Found at the end of each Alert.
News submissions are short paragraphs of non-promotional information (such as a new sales contact, new location for a venue, etc). A news item can be published with the intent to inform planners of salient news as it relates to their group market. If applicable, we publish the same news in all 5 Alerts for the month following a submission. If you wonder whether something should be an announcement or news, contact us.
Note: Photos do not accompany news submissions, although a URL link to a landing page is required. News items are not transferred to the homepage posts, and are they intended to be a brief informational piece. 

*Partners may have both an Announcement & News item in the same alert. (Entries must be submitted separately, and must be designated as such.)


With Unlimited Monthly Rotation, Partners can reach 5 Unique Group Markets during the Program Year!
During your Partner year, you can “rotate” your Alert type to pick the same or a different market target every month. Use our unique Monthly Rotation and send your announcements to the same or a different audience each month. Depending on the number of announcements you have contracted (1-5 per month), you can publish your announcements in any of the 5 Alert Categories per month. It’s your choice every month. YOU determine how to use this unique targeting opportunity with Unlimited Monthly Rotation of your announcements.
Suggestion: Partners receive every Alert. Look them over for ideas for your own announcements and news items.)

To assist in your planning, refer to the following 2018 ALERTS CALENDAR. You can also download it from the Download Centers  in both websites.

















    You will find the Due Dates in the Monthly Alerts Calendar, in the Alert Selection dropdown menu in the following form. Jennifer Zacks, our ALERTS Editor, also emails due date reminders each week. 
  2. Don’t miss a month.
    You cannot bank your Alert announcements… if you don’t use them, you lose them.
  3. In our group markets, every click comes with a name.
    It’s quality, not quantity that counts. Since each planner represents dozens, hundreds or even thousands of individuals, write your announcement with a personal touch… in group sales and marketing it’s all about the relationship. Each planner can become your best salesperson!
  4. Content is King – be specific.
    Specific announcements about individual programs, little known information, or even quotes by satisfied customers can increase the probability of getting a click by a group planner…
  5. Assuming the reader already knows about you is a FATAL mistake!
    We are continually adding subscribers, and the chance that they know about your programs
  6. Avoid using the same content or photos repeatedly.
    This approach won’t get you the results you want. Promote a specific program or event, and  “bait the hook” by offering specific, interesting, pertinent and timely tidbits. Don’t try to “close the sale” with your announcement; you want them to click your link, watch your video, read more… and contact you!
  7. Use different photos for every announcement.
    Please, for your sake. If they see a photo they recognize, the planner may just skip reading your announcement…. even if the content is different.
  8. Group activities can require weeks to months to plan (depending on the type of group)
    Group planners don’t buy on impulse (like individual consumers). Give planners time to book their group events, promote them, and prepare for them! There are even tour operators who take up to 5 years to plan a retail tour they will want to sell over and over again.

  9. PDF’s don’t work in the Alerts.
    Only jpeg images work in the Alerts. If you have a PDF brochure you want to make available, submit it to us for your literature carousel in our LetsDoMN DOWNLOAD CENTER and/or LIBRARY DOWNLOAD CENTER . You may also send us a link to a brochure on your website’s landing page. 
  10. SPECIAL CONTENT SUGGESTIONPerks4Work Special Offers
    Perks4Work Special offers and discounts can be promoted in the LetsDoMN Corporate Alerts. They are for company activities, staff and employee club leaders who frequently forward them to employees. These offers can reach individual consumers who make purchases quickly and on impulse – unlike group planners. Contact Mark or Doug if you want to discuss this Perks4Work in more detail.


Fields marked with an * are required.

ALERT TYPE – From the dropdown menu below, select the type of alert you want. You will see a description of that alert, when materials are due, and the publish date. Each announcement is submitted separately.