TAYLORS FALLS SCENIC BOAT TOURS | Lunch on the St. Croix River

Aug 10, 2021

Try our combination boat tour and hot lunch onboard one of our authentic paddlewheel riverboats. Relax for 2 hours and enjoy an outstanding luncheon while your riverboat pilot and tour guide point out the unique rock formations and the St. Croix River Valley history.

A minimum of 50 people is required. If you have less than 50 people, ask us to combine your group with another group. Multiple groups may be on board during luncheon cruises. Reservations and a $200 deposit paid in advance are required. Luncheon Cruises are available 7 days a week based on boat availability. Boat selection is our option.

Your meal options include: (You must choose 1 option for all of your guests)

1. Swedish Meatballs, Corn, Bread, and a Cookie

2. Beef Stroganoff, Corn, Bread & a Cookie

3. Chicken Alfredo, Corn, Bread & a Cookie