WHEEL FUN RENTALS | Get Outside and Rent Some FUN!

Aug 10, 2021

Wheel Fun Rentals is the place for outdoor recreation in the Twin Cities & Duluth with the “FUN” way to experience MN’s incredible parks & lakes! We offer bikes and watercraft rentals along with fun family outdoor entertainment at two mini-golf courses!

Wheel Fun Rentals is the premiere outdoor recreation and biking hub in the Twin Cities area, providing a unique way to experience Minnesota’s incredible natural landscapes for guests of all ages! With eight rental locations spanning from Duluth to Richfield, locals and visitors alike can find a Wheel Fun Rentals location and explore the areas parks and lakes like never before! We offer one-of-a-kind rentals that are great for families, couples, individuals, and groups. Read on to learn more about the fun bikes, boats, and other watercraft to choose from.

Surreys and Specialty Cycles
Where else can you grab four friends and ride together on one bike? Our iconic Surreys seat up to three for our Single Surrey and up to six for the Double and feature a basket in the front – perfect for families with small children! The older kids will love riding their own Quad Sport or Chopper as mom and dad follow on a Deuce Coupe. There really is something for every group!

Minnesota’s stunning greenery that surrounds its multitude of lakes is just waiting to be explored – from the seat of a bike! From mountain bikes to tandems, you’ll find exactly what you need to cruise down the park paths or face the off-roading terrain. Two-wheeled kid’s bikes are also available to rent.

Pedal Boats
In the land with 10,000 lakes, it’s a must to have an adventure gliding across the water in a pedal boat! You and your group can work together to move and steer yourselves across the lake, while having a boatload of fun!

Any Minnesotan will tell you – if you want to truly experience the waterways of the North Star State, you have to hop into a kayak or canoe. With options for single or double riders, you can float in solitude or organize a group ride to maximize the excitement. Looking for something a bit sportier? Try a stand-up paddleboard that gives you both access to amazing views, and a workout!