Feb 8, 2022

Conquer Ninja Gyms Field Trips are the hit of the season. It gives students the chance to experience real ninja warrior obstacles and receive coaching from a real ninja warrior coach. Students will leave this interactive field trip having accomplished over 40 ninja obstacles!

At Conquer Ninja Gyms we are dedicated to providing the best field trip of the year! We have 5 metro locations filled with warped walls, salmon ladders, zip lines, angled steps, and so much more! We strive to deliver an event that is stress-free for our field trip coordinators and their staff and give the kids an experience that is unique, engaging, and encouraging for all ages and abilities! We have great group pricing and are willing to work with any group so their students can experience a field trip they will never forget! We do field trips with as few as 10 and as many as 100!

The field trip allows students to be active and engaged while using their muscles and brain to complete obstacles for their level. Our field trips are structured events that include:

1- Instruction – We divide your group into smaller groups to learn how to use the warped wall, to balance on the slack line, run the quintuple steps and conquer the monkey bars.

2- Open practice time – Now it’s time for them to practice on the obstacles using the skills they just learned. Students can practice on any obstacle they want, as many times as they want with the help our of ninja warrior coaches.

3- Competition time – For those that want to put their learned skills to the test, we have a warped wall challenge to see if students can grab a BOGO to come back to the gym again. We run a timed obstacle course race to see how fast they can get through the course. We can even do head-to-head relay races and balance challenges. For those that don’t want to compete, they can continue on with open practice time.

We have been told over and over again from organizers and students, that Conquer Ninja Gym is the field trip of the season. They ask to come back every year and organizers love the ease of setting up the field trip, and how active students are.
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