A TOUCH OF MAGIC | Everyone LOVES Bubble Parties!!!!

Apr 9, 2024

An interactive Bubble Party is one of the most popular in house field trips available! Imagine your kids laughing, singing, dancing, surrounded by over 20,000 bubbles!

Minnesota Bubble Parties is a unique kids program designed to provide enriching entertainment for children ages 3ish-6ish. They are usually performed at local pre-schools, daycares, summer camps, campgrounds and can even be amended to fit a private party for the young and young at heart! They are mostly performed during regular “school hours” and outside in the school’s play area. In cases of winter or inclement weather, the program can be modified for certain indoor scenarios (carpeted, with larger space).

We can serve up to 2 groups a day, so our schedule fills VERY FAST so make sure you lock it in TODAY by following THIS link:

There are a variety of types of bubble entertainers, many of which do tricks during the show. Our programs are more interactive with the kids, and less of a performance. This means that we will have the kids involved throughout! We will wear them out for you, just in time for naps!