SPARKPOINT INNOVATIONS | Interactive Astronomy for All Ages

Aug 10, 2023

SparkPoint Innovations uses large inflatable models of the earth, moon, and sun to help people better understand the solar system and our place in it. Orbit Earth Expo demonstrate tides, seasons, eclipses, moon phases, and more!

While our primary audience is elementary and middle school students, we’ve noticed how excited teachers and other school personnel are to see our models. Adults who attend our presentations often tell us that they have a better understanding of earth and space science concepts after attending. In short, everyone can learn something from our inflatable models of the Earth, moon, and sun!

Planning a family-friendly event for your company? Looking for a STEM programming partner? We can tailor our presentation to any age group and we come to you! We require a space with at least 16′ of ceiling clearance so that our models can be safely manipulated. We generally present with the lights out so that our spotlight can create the shadows needed to model moon phases and eclipses. We routinely present to up to 100 students at a time, but are happy to interact with smaller groups. We can run set presentations of 30-60 minutes over multiple sessions or model concepts on an on-demand basis with the help of your volunteers (training provided).

What about supporting your local schools? We’re glad you asked! A portion of our school presentations are sponsored by community businesses! Email if you would like information on this option.