HISTORY THEATRE | 3 World Premieres this Spring!

Jan 16, 2024

Join History Theatre to witness History come to life on stage this spring with 3 world premieres.

From a gospel legend, a civil rights pioneer, and a musical about a group of Minnesota women that took Broadway by storm, there is something for everyone this season!

Jan 27- Feb 18, 2024
Written and performed by Greta Oglesby
Music Director: Sanford Moore
Directed by Richard D. Thompson
A powerful and vibrant autobiographical story written and performed by one of the Twin Cities’ most renowned theater artists, Greta Oglesby. Based on her book, Mama ‘n ‘Nem, Handprints on My Life, this production is a love letter to the ordinary, yet extraordinary people who shaped her life. Experience the gift of Greta’s story with unique storytelling including the gorgeous music that has inspired the person she is today. Experience the gift of Greta Oglesby’s story.

A Unique Assignment
March 16-April 7, 2024
by Harrison David Rivers
Directed by Richard D. Thompson
Two men – Henry Gallagher, white, and James Meredith, Black – are thrust into each other’s lives when, in the aftermath of the Ole Miss Riot, Gallagher is placed in charge of Meredith’s on-campus security detail. As they navigate the political and social rollercoaster of desegregation, a tenuous relationship is forged – one that, for Gallagher, leads to eventual revelation. Explore this milestone moment in Civil Rights history through Gallagher and Meredith’s own words and perspectives on their shared experience. Discover this significant turning point in the history of the Civil Rights movement.

Blended 和 (Harmony): The Kim Loo Sisters
May 4-26, 2024
Book and Lyrics by Jessica Huang
Music by Jacinth Greywoode
Directed by Lily Tung Crystal
Co-production with Theater Mu
Making their way from Minneapolis to the flashing lights of Broadway in the 1930s, experience the story of the remarkable Kim Loo Sisters. Starting at a young age this quartet gained popularity during the swing era and performed across the country, on the silver screen of Hollywood, and overseas at USO shows. This new musical is an homage to family, love, their Chinese Polish American heritage, and the bond of these talented sisters through their lives on and off the stage. A uniquely American story of family, love, and the swingin’ music of the 1930s.